Xtreme Tiki Summer

Xtreme Tiki Summer Slot Game

The Xtreme Tiki Summer slot game, created by Genesis Software, is a bizarre anomaly to say the least. It features a quirky theme based around characters resembling living tiki totems, and sees them participating in various extreme summer games. This may seem like a bit of an odd design choice, and it certainly is, but the game developers have managed to pull it off successfully.

The result can only be described as charming, and as the little characters BMX, skateboard and surf across the play area, it won’t be long before they steal your heart and have you smiling in glee. Xtreme Tiki Summer is a five reel, twenty five play line game, and is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. Note that due to the high quality of the graphics and sound, the game may not work smoothly on older model phones. If you find the game stuttering, freezing or bombing out, it may be a better idea to rather play on a laptop or desktop computer.

Visuals And Standard Play

Xtreme Tiki Summer uses the standard rules of mobile phone pokies games, requiring that the player first make an upfront bet, decide on which lines to play, then spin the reels. Upon the reels stopping, any matching sequences created will result in instant payouts. The higher the value of the symbols in the sequence, the greater the payout, with special symbols able to trigger a bonus mini-game.

As already said, the main symbols are all designed around the tiki characters, with the skateboarder, surfer and BMX racer being the most valuable. The least valuable symbols are the nine, ten, jack queen and king of playing cards. Try and match any of these symbols at least three times, up to a maximum of five times, with substantial payouts being given for a five times match. In order to really rake in the cash, however, the player should aim to trigger the special mini-game, which is a one way ticket to really fattening the wallet.

Bonuses And Mini-Games

With a name like Xtreme Tiki Summer you would expect a mini-game that involves something radical, and, thankfully, you would be correct to do so. The mini-game, activated by matching three scatter symbols represented by the written words Xtreme Tiki Summer, opens in a second window, showing two tiki characters ready to grind their skateboards down a railing. The player must select one character or the other, effectively making a fifty/fifty bet, after which the characters set off on their skateboarding adventure.

The sequence is well animated and a delight to watch, with the characters collecting bonuses as they go, each of which will be added to a total and given to the player. If selecting the correct skateboarder, the rewards will always be more. After the animation any free spins won will automatically play out, with applicable multipliers in effect. The result can be, needless to say, extremely lucrative. The player should aim to see these skateboarding tikis as often as possible, and should cheer them on loudly!