The World’s Most Popular Casino Games

The World’s Most Popular Casino Games

World’s Most Popular Casino Games

Casino games have been a part of the modern world for over a hundred years, and some of them can find their origins since the dawn of civilisation. With all the different games that casinos offer, some may wonder which of them are the most popular. This isn’t the easiest question to answer, as it takes into account which countries allow casino games, which casinos are visited the most, and how often the games are played.

Researchers took all this into account as they made their stats, and we now have a full compendium of which games are the most played on an international level. Some may not be surprised by which games have topped the list, while others may not have realised just how popular casino games truly are.

These are the top five most popular casino games in the world, put together with information regarding all the games out there, from bingo in America, pokies in Australia, and even Canadian mobile casino games.

5. Craps

Craps is perhaps the most enjoyed dice game in the world, and one of its greatest appeals is that every throw is completely up to chance, giving it endless thrills for the player. Wagers are made on the outcome of the dice, and for most casinos, the odds for winning are generally quite good when compared to other games.

Craps first gained popularity in Las Vegas, and quickly grew into an international pastime. Today, almost all land-based and online casinos offer craps in one form or another, making it an important part of the casino’s game roster. Craps is played by about 4% of all casino visitors.

4. Poker

The only card game on the list, poker is known across the world, being made popular by many films and television series. Poker has been a part of the casino world for around 200 years, and first rose to prominence within bars and pubs in the United States. After casinos became more abundant around the country, poker was quickly added to the range of games that they offered, which proved to be a huge success.

Like craps, 4% of all casino visitors play poker exclusively.

3. Roulette

Roulette is one of the more complex games that casinos offer, and is played on a special table with a wheel connected. Just about every bet imaginable can be placed on a roulette table, after which a small ball is thrown which spins around the wheel, and where it lands determines whether the bet was successful or not. A much higher number of people enjoy roulette at 8% of all visitors.

2. Blackjack

The second most played game at casinos, blackjack holds its own with a fan-base of a huge 19% of all visitors. This popularity has kept the game in game libraries across the world, and just about any casino you visit will have blackjack available to play.

1. Slots

Slots are, without a doubt, the most popular casino game in the world. It also reigns supreme as the most visited game with over 60% of casinos visitors diverting their attention to slots. Slots has always been successful, and even the early iterations of the game were popular among players.

There are many more games that can be enjoyed online and at a physical casino, and with the amount of choice available, there is something for everyone.