Water Dragons

Water Dragons Slot Game

Water Dragons, created by IGT, is an online slot game now available for free and real play. It features a five reel, thirty play line system, and offers a free spins bonus game, assuming the player is lucky enough to match the scatter symbols. The game play style itself may not be unique or innovative, but where Water Dragons really shines is in its visual and sound design.

The play symbols are based around popular Japanese culture, including many colours of Carp, bonsai trees, and dragonflies. These images, soothing in their detail, are accompanied by an interactive soundtrack near hypnotising in its relaxing nature. The result is a game that whisks the player away to a calm place, the very moment they make the first bet. Best of all, with a relatively high payout rate and well designed user interface, the game promises to be as easy on the brain as it is on the senses. Get the game now for your preferred play platform, including desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Basic Play Symbols

Carp feature prominently in Water Dragons, which stands to reason given the name of the game. The design of each carp symbol, seen with fish splashing out of the water in dramatic fashion, is inspired by the traditional Japanese art style, a unique design choice for slot games, and an aesthetically pleasing innovation.

The red card holds the most value, offering a substantial amount if matched with itself the maximum of five times, and minimum of three times. The yellow, blue and white carps are less valuable, but still worth looking out for. Other symbols in the game include a bonsai tree, which is the least valuable in the game, as well as a remarkably well detailed dragonfly. The scatter symbol, however, represented by the written words Water Dragon, is where the free spins mini-game is triggered, which promises to be a highly lucrative reward for the player. Note that the scatter symbol may match when in any location in the player area, and does not have to be adjacent.

Free Spins Mini-Game

The scatter symbol, when appearing in the play area, will trigger a change in the game’s music. The beat of the song will quicken, indicating that a major reward is possible in the next few seconds. If a second scatter symbol matches, the music will further increase in intensity, followed by a crash of dramatic sound if the third scatter symbol falls into place.

Experiences like this make Water Dragons a unique game. A second window will then open, allowing the player to select a blind prize. If lucky, the player can get up to fifty free spins, plus a three times multiplier. This, needless to say, can be an immensely fruitful bonus. Lesser prizes include thirty three spins with a double multiplier, of ten free spins with no multiplier. Either way, the player is sure to get a good few coins out of the endeavour.  Free spins won will play out automatically, after which the player will be returned to the game.