The Best Betting Strategy

When it comes to gambling or betting, there seems to be a thousand different strategies people implement, each with different variations. It can be difficult to decide on a strategy to use without hundreds of hours of testing.

Fortunately, the world of sports betting has brought us a strategy that can easily be implemented and has time and time again brought better results than any other betting strategy, the progressive betting strategy.

The Conditions

At the end of the day, when playing a game of luck like roulette, there is simply nothing that can change the outcome of the game. Many strategies will promise unlimited wins in games of chance, which is just not possible. When looking at strategies, it’s important to stay logical and try to understand why we believe one strategy superior to another.

The Martingale for example has a promise of great wins but is a huge risk to implement. What makes a betting strategy great is not the immediate potential off payoff, but the loss mitigation. Preventing losses on a bad day means more winnings for the good days.

Progressive Betting Strategy

The progressive strategy is in itself extremely simple to implement. Simply adjust your bet based on the capital remaining, be it higher or lower depending on the outcome of the previous bet. The first step to implementing the progressive strategy is to establish your capital and a bet percentage. The bet percentage can vary on the type of risk you would like to take, however, it is recommended to keep it under 10%.

Once you have your betting percentage, simply bet that percentage of your capital on each bet. In this way, we can increase betting volume on winning steaks and lower betting volume when on a losing streak.

Example with even money:

With a capital of $100, we decide on using 10% as the betting percentage.

  • Bet 1 – Wager $10 and win. Capital is now $110
  • Bet 2 – Wager $11 and win. Capital is now $121
  • Bet 3 – Wager $12.10 and lose. Capital is now $108.90

With this strategy, we can try to capitalize on winning while minimize losing volumes.

Progressive Strategy Downside

The positive attributes of progressive betting have been highlighted in the previous section, but to fully understand and use any strategy, one must consider the negative side.

  • Time – The progressive betting strategy is slow, slower than a lot of other strategies like martingale. While you can make the progress faster to make wins faster, this does bring with it the risk of other faster betting strategies.
  • Even Money – All variations of the progressive betting strategy rely on consistent odds to provide the promised benefits. While even money is ideal, this can be rare in a typical casino environment. To have good results, you will need to stay on the same nature of bets to maintain consistent odds.

There is no perfect strategy when it comes to betting on games of chance. The progressive strategy teaches great money management and discipline, which will go a long way in aiding success.