Sunshine Reef Slot Game Overview

Sunshine Reef slot Game Review - Canadian online slots

Sunshine Reef, created by MicroGaming, is an online slots game that aims to delight Canadian online slots players. The theme is based around sea creatures in their cutest form, with cheerful dolphins, smiling oysters, and not a carnivorous shark in sight.

The pleasant background music is reminiscent of a calm Caribbean party, chiming merrily away in the background as the spinning reels are accompanied by their won pleasant tune.

Don’t get too relaxed, however, as the games five reel, nine payout line play system is a little less generous then some other slot games. There is also a noticeable lack of bonus mini-games, making the game largely about its visual appeal, and less about its innovative game design.

The game is still an enjoyable experience for Canadian players, however, and more then worth a look, even if just to sway along to the music for a few hours. If wanting to play Sunshine Reef on a desktop computer, please ensure that the latest Flash software is installed before opening the game.

Sunny Standard Play Symbols

Hope to see the merry starfish as often as possible, because he is the bringer of good fortune in this charming undersea adventure. Matching him five times will give a massive payment of five thousand coins, while his three times match is a slightly less impressive one hundred coins.

The sea turtle, less lucrative but still a good payer, gives out one thousand for his five times match, and twenty five for a three times match. Some of the other symbols include a puffer fish, a lobster, and a bit of seaweed.

What about the dolphin, I hear you ask. The dolphin is a wild symbol, and along with the treasure chest, is one of the few bonus symbols in the game.

sunshine Reef Slots online - Canada online slots

Sunny Bonus Winnings

The dolphin, lovingly gazing at the player with his big blue eyes, acts as a wild card in Sunshine Reef.

He will match with every other symbol, excluding the treasure chest, to grant payouts where none were previously possible. For example, a player may get two starfishes and a dolphin, which will create a matching sequence of three starfishes. Or three starfishes and a dolphin will result in a four starfish payout.

These two sea creatures together are a winning pair that is sure to get the player’s wallet nice and fat.

The treasure chest, the second bonus symbol in the game, is rarely seen in the play area, but grants a jackpot bonus upon being matched three times. Unlike other online slots Canada slot games, however, where bonus symbols may match anywhere on the reels, the treasure chest in this game will only match consecutively.

This means payouts of this fashion or extremely rare, but when they do happen the play is sure to break out into a celebratory dance. Last but not least is the game’s gamble feature, which allows the player to make a fifty/fifty bet on any of the wins achieved.

Once a win registers the gamble button will light up, and upon being clicked will show the player pair of oysters. Under one oyster is double the winning amount, and under the second oyster disappointment. The player may select this option whenever they wish.