Winning Scratchcard Strategy for New Zealand Players

Many players in New Zealand are most likely under the false impression that there is nothing you can do to increase your chances of online casino scratchcard success, but we are here to tell you otherwise.

While you can still go to your local corner café to buy a few scratchcards, online casino scratchcards have become particularly popular in recent years as players could win a life-changing amount of money by doing almost nothing.

One of the reasons why scratchcards are so popular- in some cases as popular as online roulette NZ options available- is that it requires very little skill, and as there are so many different varieties to choose from with different themes and a wide-range of denominations, there truly is something for everyone.

So take a look at our tips for a winning scratchcard strategy, and get ‘scratching’ today!

Find an NZ Friendly Top-Ranked Online Casino

Your first step to establishing a winning scratchcard strategy is finding a top-ranked online casino open to players in New Zealand.

If you know you’re playing at the best online casino, you can be assured that you are enjoying the greatest variety of scratchcards with the best chance of winning.

There are many online casinos to choose from, so it’s important for players in New Zealand to remember that not all online casinos are worth consideration.

In order to find the most reputable online casinos, you should read recommendations and reviews by casino comparison sites, as they offer independent analysis of a good range of sites.

Not only will they recommend which sites are the best, but they will also advise players on the online casinos that are not worth your time and money.

Many of these comparison sites also encourage real player commentary, which will provide unique insight into a specific online casino or game.

Don’t Just Jump Right In

Even though scratchcards are simple in theory, this doesn’t mean that you should just jump straight in with real money games. Online casinos offer free practice rounds for a reason, and you should always take them up on this offer if you’ve never played a game before.

There are many varieties of scratchcards, and it’s important for players in New Zealand to remember that they won’t all involve the same game mechanics.

Be sure to read the fine print and explanation of the scratchcard variety you decide upon before jumping in head first.

One of the greatest advantages of online casino gaming are the bonus rounds that accompany the most popular games, and many scratchcard varieties are not exempt from these bonuses.

In order to get the most bang for your buck, make sure that you select scratchcards that include bonus rounds, as these will steadily increase your chances of success.

Increase Your Chances from the Get Go

While some may enjoy a stroll to the local dairy to purchase a few scratchcards, there certainly isn’t going to be a chap at the door handing out NZ$100 bills just for walking into his store.

However, that is essentially what it’s like when a New Zealand player signs up with an online casino, thanks to the lucrative sign up bonuses.

Once you’ve decided on a top-ranked casino for your scratchcard play, you can create an account in a few simple steps and then make your first deposit.

This is where the fun really starts, as most top-ranked casinos will offer to match your first deposit up to a certain limit, essentially doubling your bankroll!

This boosted bankroll can really enhance your play at scratchcards and the many varieties of online casino games on offer.