Random Roulette Facts

Australian Roulette is a classic casino game that’s captivated players across the world for centuries. With its iconic spinning wheel and simple game play Roulette remains a firm favourite both in land based casinos and online.

These random Roulette facts will tell you more about the game, its origins and its rich history, as well as providing some interesting and amusing insight into what’s also been termed the King of Casino Games.

The Devils Game

By some, Roulette was considered to be the devils game as if you add up all the numbers on the table, from 1-36, they equal 666, the number of the beast. This is why you may hear Roulette referred to by some as the devils game, and the reason it was shunned by the more religious or superstitious. To add to its reputation, it also said that Francois Blanc, who was also known as the Magician of Hamburg, along with his brother Louis added the zero to the wheel, and thus sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the games secrets.

Winning Odds

Many players prefer European Roulette, as the odds of winning are far greater. In American Roulette the house edge is far higher thank to the extra 00 pocket o the wheel, so playing the European variant is always in a players favour. That being said, the results of any Roulette game are always completely random, especially when playing online.

Betting Systems

Albert Einstein famously said that the only way to beat the Roulette wheel is to steal the money whilst the croupier isn’t looking, but he isn’t entirely correct. For almost as long as the game has existed, players have been trying to work out how to boost their wining chances, and betting systems such as the Martingale, D’Alembert and parole have been created to try and improve players results. Whether they really work is any ones guess, but often the proof is in the pudding!

Roulette On TV

It would probably turn the hairs of those who played Roulette in the Kings and Queens’ court completely white in shock and horror, but Roulette can actually be played on TV. Not content with online casinos and live dealer games, Sky, Freesat and a number of other TV channels have broadcast live games since 1997, and players can call in and place their bets, or wager on websites if they prefer.

The French Link

Considering one of the most popular versions of Roulette is called French Roulette you can be forgiven for thinking that the game has very strong ties to this country. But in fact, Roulette’s origins are far more rooted in Italy, China and England, than in France. This is despite the word Roulette actually being French for little wheel.

Betting on Roulette

Roulette has earned itself a reputation not only for being a game of chance, but one that can pay out a huge sum of money to a lucky player. Just ask Ashley Revell who sold all his belonging and placed a bet of $135,300 on red to win, and walked away with a whopping $279,600 payout when his prediction proved correct.