Robocop Online Slot Game in Detail

The original Robocop movie was a blockbuster event, drawing fascinated audiences around the world to cinemas in their droves. Featuring the story of a man transformed into an unstoppable crime fighting cyborg, the movie asked question about the future of technology, and at what point a machine may officially be referred to as a living creature.

The movie may look a little dated in the special effects department by today’s standards, but is still a cult classic well known for its dark, subtle humour and uncompromising look at the heartlessness of large corporations. The movie also had many spin offs and tie in products, including the Robocop online gambling casino game. This game, originally coming out in the nineties, has been ported to online casinos and is available to play now for free or real money.

Note, however, that the game uses a progressive jackpot system, meaning that some features of the game will not be available unless playing for real. The graphics of the game appear about as dated as the movie itself, but the game play still stands up and the overall experience is an entertaining way to kill a few hours.

Visuals And Basic Symbols

The Robocop slot game has the protagonist character as a caricature version of himself, looking a little more at home in a Saturday morning cartoon than a gritty movie about a bleak future. Regardless of how threatening, or not threatening, the crime fighting machine appears, however, he is there to help the player rake in a bit of money.

The main picture symbols of the game include Robocop’s female partner, who is worth a good deal of cash if landing in matching sequence, as well Robocop’s police car, his gun, and street thug. These images are played alongside the classic nine, ten, jack queen, king and ace of playing cards, which all have the least value in the game. Robocop himself, of course, is the wild symbol, but is not the most valuable symbol in the game. This honour in fact goes to the Delta City skyline symbol, which triggers the progressive jackpot.

Big Cyborg Bonuses

Anyone would be happy to see Robocop, especially in a city as crime ridden as Delta City, and the game aims to capture this feeling of elation. The Robocop wild symbol will match with all other symbols, helping to create lucrative matches on a regular basis.

The wild symbol will match with all other symbols, except the scatter symbol, which will only match with itself. The scatter symbol, recognisable by the city skyline and written words Delta City, triggers a bonus mini-game, which gives the player the honour of shooting thugs, as any good crime fighting cyborg would do.

This mini-game has four levels, allowing the player to reveal prizes beneath the thug symbols until they strike out. If advancing to the fourth level the player has a chance at winning the progressive jackpot. This chance, of course, is limited, but a possibility never the less. The player can only hope to shoot the correct prize awarding thugs when the time comes.