The Psychology Behind Land Based Casinos

land based casinos psychology

If you’ve ever visited a land-based casino and found that you’ve accidentally ended up spending an entire day there without realising it, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. This isn’t an accident, and, in fact, is the design of the casino itself.

Many don’t realise it, but casinos play quite an elaborate game to not only entire new customers, but to keep them on site for as long as possible. It may seem a bit insidious, but it’s rather just their way of turning a profit in a business where people tend to lose interest extremely quickly.

But what kind of psychology do casinos employ? This is a common question, and some of the answers you may find surprising. It’s almost always tied in with the layout, ambiance, and general appeal of the casino, and how it does everything it can to keep its players comfortable, happy, and at the machines.

This kind of thing doesn’t apply to every facet of gambling, like sports betting NZ, but it’s still fascinating to learn how casinos function under all the lights and music.

No Clocks

Casinos don’t have clocks on any of their walls. In fact, there are no timepieces anywhere throughout the establishment. This is no accident – the casino deliberately made sure that its guests have no way to knowing the time.

The reason for this is that if the guests can tell the time, they’ll quickly lose track of it, and usually end up spending longer than they originally intended.

No Windows

This ties in closely with the above-mentioned, and is designed to hide the passage of time. Without windows, visitors can’t tell whether it’s day or night, which is exactly what the casino wants.

More often than not, the visitor will find themselves playing well into the night without even noticing.

Labyrinth Layout

If you’ve ever gotten lost while wandering around the floor of a casino – you’ve fallen victim to the intended design of the place.

Casinos are often built to be confusing to navigate with the thought being that if the guest has trouble finding the exit, the better the chance that they will become distracted and instead spend a few more hours at an appealing slot.

Bars Everywhere

Alcohol and casinos have gone hand-in-hand for decades, and keeping their bars stocked up and close to their customers is an important part of the casino’s trickery. Alcohol is proven to inhibit our decision-making, which can be a potent recipe when we’re in a casino and can be easily distracted.

This is often why a casino will have a bar on every floor, and why many drinks come free for as long as you’re playing games. The chance to keep their guests at a machine or table negates the costs of handing out free drinks almost every time.

Lights and Sounds

Casinos like to keep their guests as happy as possible, and one way they achieve this is through the use of lights and music.

Bright lights and upbeat music is designed to boost the moods of players throughout the venue, increasing the chances that they will want to stay for as long as possible, and ultimately spending more time at the machines.