Pieces of 8

Pieces Of 8 Slot Game Review

The term pieces of eight refers to a currency used in times long past, and is most commonly associated with pirates, who were notorious for stealing said currency from one transport ship or another.

The online slot game titled Pieces of 8 take its inspiration from this term, but with the more light-hearted image of pirates in mind. That is to say, the ones that wore eye patches and peg legs and said shiver me timbers, as apposed to the ones that pillaged. Predictably the game is stocked from wall to wall with quirky ship captains, his bumbling first mate, a parrot, and even a few cannons.

These classic images, acting as the play symbols of the game, are all 3D designed, and even animate when landing in a sequence, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the proceedings. In terms of game play Pieces of 8 uses a five reel, twenty five play line system, allowing the player to manually select the number of lines they would like to bet on, and the bet amount, both of which can be adjusted between spins. The game is available to play on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Pirate Themed Symbols

Who could dare to call something pirate themed without a hearty dose of cutlasses, flintlock pistols and jolly roger flags? All of these things are present and accounted for in the Pieces of 8 slot game, each with an assigned value and dedicated place on the reels. Match any of the symbols with themselves and see the money flow, with three being the minimum number of symbols allowed, and five the maximum.

The higher the sequence, of course, the greater the payout, with some symbols cashing out an enormous amount. The goofy first mate, for example, gives an amazing ten thousand coins if matched five times, making him the most valuable symbol in the game. The second most valuable symbol is the Jolly Roger flag, followed by the parrot, the flintlock pistols, and all the rest. Where is the captain, you ask?  Why, he’s the wild card of course, and a welcome sight to any player of the Pieces of 8 slot game.

Pirate Themed Bonuses

The eye patch wearing captain will match with any other symbol in the game, except the other two bonus symbols, to create a matching sequence. This makes him a welcome sight to anyone who likes to keep their bank balance healthy, and the old sea dog certainly makes frequent appearances. The next bonus symbol is the cannon, which is the scatter symbol in this game. If matched at least three times the cannons will grant the player ten free spins, and as many as fifty free spins if matching five times. These free spins will play out automatically, with the cash prizes pooled and paid out at the end of the sequence. The last bonus symbol, represented by a treasure chest, is the bonus symbol, and will payout a massive cash lump sum if matched. This symbol, however, is rare, and not commonly seen in the play area.