Are online casinos putting Land based casinos out of business?

Are online casinos putting Land based casinos out of business

Online vs. Land Based Casinos

Man has been gambling since the dawn of time, this form of entertainment has been enjoyed by people in various different forms for centuries. Casinos have probably been around in some way from even before the ancient Greeks, with gambling houses often seen as disreputable and dens of evil.

The modern casino as it is now known is the complete opposite of the historical gambling dens, with members of the public finding much more than just simply betting to keep them entertained.

The online casino has now emerged as a serious competitor for the gaming publics favour in this fast paced modern world. The public, who now are used to instant access to websites, instant online content and getting instant gratification, is now using online casino options more and more.

With so many people with access to the internet and online casinos, is the future of land based casinos now in doubt?

The Beauty of Land based Casinos

So if online is so great, why are land based casinos still around? A CAD casino located in Las Vegas, with its five star hotels, international shows and hundreds of onsite gaming options is a social occasion.

Spending a weekend in Las Vegas is not just about gaming, the whole city adds to the occasion and the fellow tourists and locals add to the fun atmosphere.

Land based casinos are plain and simply fun, and this kind of social environment cannot be replaced by an online casino and chat room. Land based casinos are for the whole package experience for players, not just focusing on gaming.

The Simplicity of Online Casinos

On the other hand, if land based casinos are so great why are online casinos growing in popularity so rapidly?  There are a few factors but the main issue is that although Las Vegas is definitely one big party, it is also very far away from home (not just my home, lots of people’s homes).

Some other main attractive factors for online casinos is that it costs less, as you do not have to pay for a hotel, restaurants and shows. Online casinos are also great for beginners to gaming, a great place to learn what type of game suits you and not be intimidated by the experienced players or the showgirls or roman soldiers.

And if you are a (mildly awkward) social introvert, online casinos are a great for avoiding…people.

And the Winner is…

Actually, each side has some great and valuable attractions and very few drawbacks for players. Though online casinos are growing rapidly, land based casinos still have a place in the hearts of many social players. Land based casinos will not simply slide quietly into history, this type of casino is always going to be updating and improving their businesses.

They offer more than just slot machines and the owners know the art and necessity of staying relevant. Their attraction to players as a whole social experience is almost guaranteed and so is their future.

Online casinos also continue to grow, with their ease of use and the future of business and social interactions obviously being very much online.