Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm

Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm Slots Review

Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm is a progressive jackpot online slot game. It features a number of interesting and intuitive game play designs, as well as a professionally realised visual theme, exciting interactive soundtrack, and three bonus mini-games. The first thing a player will notice about the game is its unusually shaped play area, which ditches the usual square design or a rather striking staggered design.

The centre reel is a space longer then the other reels, which taper off in steps down to the last reel. This innovation, referred to as a MultiWay Xtra, seems rather bizarre at first. But given that the game boasts seven hundred and twenty ways to win, one can assume that the change was not without thought or merit.

The second thing a person will notice is the fast paced music, which might seem a bit more at home during the most exciting climax moment of an action movie. The music clearly had a lot of effort put into it, but may get a little tired and repetitive if you play the game for an extended time. Switch it off via the options menu, accessed via a link at the top of the screen of the mobile pokies game.

The last thing a person might notice is the game’s obsession with tigers, which appear in no less then four symbol designs, including the tiger’s eye. When using Siberia as a theme for the game, the developers clearly centred in on the Siberian tiger. All in all the game is interesting and worth a look. It is available on mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet.

Symbols And Standard Play

The previously mentioned Siberian tigers, orange and white, are the second most valuable symbols in the Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm game. The most valuable is the symbol with the written words Siberian Storm, which pays out a small fortune if matched with itself the maximum of five consecutive times. Look out also for the various horn themed Siberian artefact symbols, which pay out considerably less, but are more frequent in creating matches. The real meat of the game, however, can be found in the Mega Jackpots symbol and the wild symbols, which both promise big wins if making an appearance in the play area.

Bonuses Galore

When playing Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm you’ll want to keep your eyes open for the Mega Jackpots symbol. If matched just twice the symbols will payout two times the current bet. If matched three times, twenty times the bet, four times equals a huge one hundred times payout, and a five times consecutive match will payout the progressive jackpot. Needless to say, the progressive jackpot is normally a life changing amount. The other symbol worth keeping track of in Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm is the wild symbol, which is, you guessed it, another tiger. This tiger has the word wild stamped across it, and will act as a wild symbol, matching with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. Note that the wild symbol may also match with itself for reasonably good payouts.