iPhone Online Casino Poker Pursuit – How to Play

Poker Pursuit - How to Play - Online Casino

In the world of mobile casino games, poker is certainly one of the most popular card games played online.

There are many variations of poker including casino Hold’em, 3 card poker, Omaha stud and 5 card draw. One game that has become increasingly popular with mobile casino enthusiasts is poker pursuit.

Based on classic 5 card draw video poker, this high-action game gives players more chances to build their winnings. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at how to play iPhone online casino poker pursuit and the basic strategies for new players.

Video Poker with More Chances to Win

If you are familiar with jacks or better video poker, then you will have no trouble adapting to poker pursuit. The game itself consists of a single screen displaying a poker table with the paytable displayed at the top of the screen and the various game buttons at the bottom of the screen.

In the centre of the table is the area where the cards are dealt. In all other aspects,  Poker Pursuit looks and feels exactly like a standard game of video poker.

Placing the Ante Bet

A game begins with the player placing the ante bet. This can be done by tapping on the bet button located at the bottom of the screen. Players can bet a single coin or up to three coins to start the game.

Once the ante bet has been placed, players can then tap on the deal button. The dealer will then deal the player three cards. The aim of poker pursuit is to create the highest poker hand possible and maximise their winning after three stages of betting.

Poker Pursuit online

Raising the Bet

Once the first set of three cards have been dealt, the player can choose to call or to raise the bet.

If a player does not have decent three card hand, they can choose to call, if the player already has a pair or three of a kind, they can raise the bet to maximise their winnings.

After choosing to raise or call, the dealer will then deal the fourth card. Again players have the chance to raise or to call based on the hand presented to them.

Poker Pursuit Payouts

As with many games available via popular Canadian mobile casinos, iPhone online casino poker pursuit is a game that is all about strategy. It is important for players to know when to cut their losses or to maximise their winnings.

After players have had the opportunity to raise or call for the second time, the dealer will then deal the fifth and final card.

This is where the game turns back into a standard game of video poker. After the fifth card had been dealt, the player will win or lose their bet based on the 5 card hand.

In this version of the game, a minimum paying hand is a pair of 10’s or better which pays out 1:1.

Two pairs pays out 2:1, three of kind pays out 3:1, a straight pays 5:1, a flush 8:1, a full house 11:1 and four of a kind 50:1.

The two highest poker hands are a straight flush paying out 200:1 and a royal flush paying 1000:1.