Everything You Need to Know about Hulkamania Slot Game

hulk hogan online slots machine - hulkamania

The Hulkamania slot game, created by Endemol, features the legendary wrestling champion Hulk Hogan. Being one of the original world wrestling icons the moustached man is known across the world, and not only for his many infamous antics in the ring. He appeared in a number movies, made cameo appearances in television series, gave a great deal of motivational talks, and had a slot game made using his image.

The Hulkamania slot game draws strongly from the wrestling aspect of Hogan’s career, and isn’t afraid to have his enormous biceps take centre stage wherever possible. In terms of game play Hulkamania is a fairly standard five reel, twenty play line system, allowing the player to adjust betting lines between spins. It is the mini-games, however, that really make the game stand apart in terms of originality. An arm wrestling game has the player facing off against Hulk in a test of strength, while a step into the ring mini-game has Hulk engaging in furious wrestling with an apposing wrestler. Both these games, although fairly simple in mechanics, are well animated and a spectacle to behold.

Bicep Based Play Symbols

As one would expect, the majority of the play symbols in the game feature Hulk. These include an image of Hulk with hand to ear, asking the crowd to make some noise, as he was known to do in his wrestling years, an image of hulk with finger pointed to the sky and bicep flexed, as he was known to do when finishing an opponent, and an image of hulk with both biceps flexed, as he was known to do whenever the situation called for bicep flexing.

hulkamania slot machine game online slots

Each of these picture icons have high value, and will pay out a good amount when matched with themselves in sequences of three, up to a maximum of sequences of five. Instead of the traditional playing card symbols, Hulkamania uses the letters H, U, L and K, which have comparatively low value to the picture symbols, but can trigger a bonus. In order to score the big wins, however, the player must turn their attention to the bonus symbols, which will trigger the unique mini-games.

Action Bonus Extra Symbols

In Hulkamania match the letters to spell the word Hulk and prepare to enter the ring. The mini-game has Hulk squaring up against a challenger, and the player must spin the reels to try and match action icons. Each action icon landed will be banked, and put into use when the spinning is over, after which the match will begin.

Hulk will use each action icon and pummel his opponent, which grants a major bonus if the opponent is pummelled in spectacular fashion. The arm wrestling symbol, shown as two arms with enormous biceps locked in challenge, start the second min-game. The game has Hulk arm wrestling with the player, assuming the player had Hulk sized biceps.

Above Hulk is a gauge that shows who is winning. The player must spin the reels to try and beat Hulk, which will grant a huge upfront payout. Lose and still get a payout, but a much smaller one.

This is one of the most popular online slots Canada options currently available to players, as it takes the brand of a wrestling icon, and fuses this with the the entertainment of a riveting online slots game that will keep you entertained for hours, whether you’re playing via an online casino at your desktop of mobile device, from the comfort of your own home.