How To Start Winning With Bingo

We highly recommend that everyone give bingo a try sooner or later. This one-of-a-kind casino game has become something of a staple in the gambling world over the last few years, and is quickly catching up to many other games in terms of overall popularity. The rules are simple and universal and it’s accommodating to every kind of player, from beginners to professionals.

Bingo has become more than just a game that grandma plays at the local, community centre – it’s now considered a true force in the gambling industry and remains a fantastic way of making some extra money every month. The question of the day is: what does it take to start winning as often as the professionals do? We’re here to answer that question and give amateur players a real chance at finding more long-term success with the exciting game of bingo.

Side Bets Are A No-No

Anyone who has played online bingo before will likely have been exposed to a vast range of extras offered by the casino or bingo group in question. These can come in a number of forms, but the most common tend to be side bets. Side bets are extremely appealing, at least on paper, and we’ve all been guilty of giving in and adding the side bet to our lineup of wagers.

But don’t be fooled – side bets are designed to be in favour of the house, and it can be outright impossible to make any money off of them. Much of the time, these particular wagers are called “coveralls.” Consider that side betting is quite popular among sports wagering, particularly in more popular betting circles, like the latest football or US PGA bets; although these tend to be a bit more profitable than bingo side betting.

The way many of these side bets and similar gimmicks work is by getting the bettor to put money down on a wager that does technically pay out a decent amount back, but because most bingo games finish relatively quickly, it’s impossible to make money from this kind of bet.

Strategies Can Work, But Don’t Rely On Them

There are a few strategies available for bingo, but the degree of success that a player can expect can vary widely. The Granville is one of the most popular and involves a bit of card counting. It takes some practice to get right, but a lot of pros swear by it. Keep in mind, however, that the general rule when it comes to casino game strategies is that a single strategy tends not to work on its own; adapting two or three different strategies together depending on the situation at hand can be a much more potent method of increasing the chances of success.

Another strategy that comes highly recommended is the Tippett strategy, and while reports on the Tippett have been mixed, it’s worth knowing and keeping in mind when playing.