Geisha Slot Game

Geisha is an online slot game based around the well known Japanese tradition. It uses a five reel, twenty line play system, and allows players to easily adjust betting lines between spins, offering advanced game tactics. The visuals and sound of the game, however, are very basic by modern standards, with little given in the way of spectacular effects.

The complete absence of music, and almost complete absence of sound, are the two biggest noticeable black marks against the game. One can almost feel lonely as they spin the reels with no accompanying ambience of any kind, giving Geisha no special recommendations for immersion. This does not, however, mean that the game is bad, and those who prefer quick loading times and aren’t fussed about bells and whistles will still have an enjoyable experience.

Geisha is available to play now on desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone.  The game is also offered to play for free, but has a real money version easily accessible via a button at the upper left of the screen of this NZ slots.

Symbol Designs And Values

Sticking with the theme of Japanese culture, the slot game uses symbols with a distinct style. These include a golden fan, a golden dragon, and a lake framed by cherry blossoms. The most valuable symbol in the game is the Geisha herself, who will pay a good amount if matched the maximum of five times.

The picture symbols are played alongside the traditional card numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, which have the lowest value in the game. Note that the woman acts as both a standard matching symbol, and a wild symbol, doubling the value and offering numerous sequence creating opportunities. Also keep an eye out for the black Japanese character positioned against a ed background, which is the scatter symbol, and a one way ticket to huge payouts.


In Geisha the woman, as already said, acts as a wild symbol if in an appropriate position. She will match with any other symbol, allowing winning payouts where none were possible previously, or expanding an already existing sequence to have greater value. For example, a player may get two aces and a woman, for a three sequence match, or four aces and a woman, for a five sequence match. Note that the woman will also animate when being triggered, fanning her face and smiling. The scatter symbol, however, is the key to riches the player should really keep their eye on.

The scatter symbol will match with itself in any position in the play area, not requiring it to be adjacent. When matched the scatter symbol will grant fifteen free spins, during which every win is multiplied by three. If the scatter symbols match again during the free spins, more free spins will be added to those already existing, extending the sequence and allowing for more payouts to be achieved. Needless to say, these sequences can be extremely lucrative, and the player should hope to see as many scatter symbols as possible.