Review of the Dunedin Casino And Hotel

Dunedin Casino - Casino in New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand is known for its dramatic scenery and friendly people. In the small town of Dunedin, one can find the Dunedin casino, a gaming complex complete with 180 gaming machines, a number of tables, comfortable hotel, and a restaurant.

The architecture will take one back to times of yore, as the building which houses the casino was originally built in 1897. Dunedin casino is by no means the largest of casinos in New Zealand, but it is most definitely one of the most sumptuous and well known.

Good Selection of Casino Games

Visitors to the Dunedin casino will find 180 gaming machines laid out on the gaming floor, rubbing shoulders with 14 table and poker games. The casino attracts not only tourists but locals as well, who indulge in a night of excitement and quality.

The pokies themselves are the core aspect of the casino, with a range which will leave one spoilt for choice. From old favourites to the newest 3D machines one cannot help but be excited at the potential the assortment offers.

The 14 tables offer a selection of New Zealand’s most popular games such as Blackjack and Craps. One can try their hand whilst seated on comfortable chairs, with a complimentary drink within easy reach. Waiters are frequent and friendly, offering food from the Grand Café and drinks from the bar.

Online Presence And Casino Bonuses

Dunedein has followed the modern movement into the online age and maintains a popular presence on the internet. No deposit casino bonuses for mobile are amongst the specials one can expect when becoming an online member. A wide range of games is, of course, also available including a range of pokies as well as various table games.

Dunedin Casino offers not only a number of online and mobile membership bonuses but of course, there are the specials which attract visitors on almost every night of the week. Regular tournaments in a variety of games make for exciting watching, even if you don’t compete yourself.

The casino has, quite justifiably, a reputation of being one of the top gaming establishments in New Zealand, much of which has to do with how well they look after their clients, and what they have on offer.

The Hotel and Grand Cafe At Dunedin

Although the hotel which is adjacent to the casino may not be all that large, it offers visitors an experience which they will never forget. Spectacular views perfectly compliment cosy rooms which are quiet and comfortable. Guests at the Southern Cross Hotel make use of casino’s Grand Bar and Café for their meals which is within easy walking distance.

The Grand Bar and Café has a wide assortment of food types on the menu, from quick and easy bites such as fish and chips to a more gourmet experience.

The restaurant is small, so booking ahead is recommended to avoid disappointment. The restaurant is a part of the casino, so expect quite a bit of coming and going as the casino patrons fuel up in preparation for that big win.