Pieces of 8

Pieces Of 8 Slot Game Review The term pieces of eight refers to a currency used in times long past, and is most commonly associated with pirates, who were notorious for stealing said currency from one transport ship or another. The online slot game titled Pieces of 8 take its inspiration from this term, but

Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm

Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm Slots Review Mega Jackpots Siberian Storm is a progressive jackpot online slot game. It features a number of interesting and intuitive game play designs, as well as a professionally realised visual theme, exciting interactive soundtrack, and three bonus mini-games. The first thing a player will notice about the game is its


Geisha Slot Game Geisha is an online slot game based around the well known Japanese tradition. It uses a five reel, twenty line play system, and allows players to easily adjust betting lines between spins, offering advanced game tactics. The visuals and sound of the game, however, are very basic by modern standards, with little

Book of Magic

Book of Magic Online Slot Game in Detail Book of Magic is a five reel online slot game with a medieval theme based around magic. The main character is a grey haired wizard with his book of spells and the graphics and symbol images portray the theme. The graphics are not incredibly immersive and rather