Cash Machine Slot Game Review

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Canadian players love slot machines, and that’s why we’re bringing you the best online slots reviews to help you choose the ones that best fit your taste.

Cash Machine is a highly unique and innovative slot game. It stands apart for a number of reasons, including the unique multipliers, the cascading symbols system, the amazing 3D graphics, and the engaging sound design.

The first thing Canadian players are likely to notice is that Cash Machine does not have traditional reels and play lines. Instead it uses a system whereby symbols spin on the spot, as apposed to rolling, and disappear upon being matched, allowing new symbols to cascade into the empty spaces.

These new symbols may then match again, giving a chance for many payouts to be award with a single play. Furthermore, each time a cascading effect is achieved, the new symbols will be granted a plus two multiplier, making each win twice as valuable. And, you guessed it, for the third cascade a plus three multiplier is given.

As you can imagine, spectacular payouts are possible in the game, so much so that one single spin can have as much value as a jackpot payout in other games.

Cash Machine is on a host of online Canadian casinos, available to play on desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. Keep in mind that older model mobile phones may have trouble running the game smoothly, as it makes liberal use of advanced 3D graphics.

Symbol Designs and Value

The manner in which the symbols rotate in Cash Machine is very impressive, with each symbol appearing as a three dimensional object that looks real enough to reach out and touch. The symbol choices themselves, however, are a bit less creative.

The classic seven, bar, bell, cherry, and other fruit, are back from retirement, making up the contents of this modern game. The sevens are, as always, the most valuable in the game, while the poor cherry remains the least valuable.

Some of the other symbols include watermelon, grapes, and plums. All these symbols may be used in the cascading multiplier effect, and all grant the same multiplier number, depending on how many wins have been achieved.

The value of the symbols themselves, however, is what can make a great round even better. Hope to see as many sevens as possible.

Extra Bonus Feature

The cascading tile effect is already enough to make Cash Machine a lucrative and well worth the time game. On top the cascading effect, however, is a bonus symbol, represented by a seven with a pair of eyes and the written word bonus.

These symbols, if appearing consecutively on in the play area, grant amazing instant bonuses. The more bonus sevens in the sequence, of course, the greater the value of the prize, up to a maximum of five in a sequence.

The prizes to Canadian players include a maximum jackpot payout for five in a sequence, a mini jackpot for four in a sequence, and ten times the initial bet for three in a sequence.

Remember that winning the jackpot will also create the typical cascading effect, meaning that your bonus may even get extra winnings piled on top of it. Try the game now and see why cascading symbols are fast becoming popular in the online slots Canada game genre.