The Best Casinos Found In Europe

When we think of the best land-based casinos the world has to offer, our minds almost always go to either Macau in China or Las Vegas in the United States. But these aren’t the only two places where one can find some of the very best resorts and venues that the casino industry has to offer.

From historic buildings to massive, sprawling resorts that are fit for everyone, these are the best casinos that can be found in Europe.

1. Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

Casino Estoril is one of the most vibrant venues on the list, and can be found in the ever-busy city of Lisbon, Portugal. The country isn’t really known for its gambling, which makes Casino Estoril stand out as the go-to joint for anyone wanting to spend a few hours at one of its slot or table games, of which there are 1235.

Along with this, the casino boasts 10 bars and restaurants, and runs all night every night, making it the perfect spot for an all-nighter who wants to extend their game of blackjack online. Visitors can expect to find blackjack, baccarat, French bank and Caribbean stud poker, among others.

2. The Casino at The Empire, London, UK

While not quite as large as the previous entry, the Casino at The Empire remains a notable choice for anyone that’s looking to spend their nights at one of the best venues that the city of London has to offer.

With over 150 table and slot games, along with 4 different bars and restaurants, the venue, which was first opened in 1884, can provide many hours of entertainment with games like roulette, punto banco, three card poker, pai gow, and much more.

3. Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

Italians are famous for their love of casinos, and nothing shows this off more tan the Casino di Campione, a massive venue covered in multi-coloured lights that can immediately be spotted at night.

The casino is unique in that it can be found within an enclave in the boundaries of Switzerland, on the banks of late Lugano. The venue provides 556 slot and table games to enjoy, along with three different bars and restaurants that offer unique Italian delicacies.

4. Resorts World Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

As one of the newest entries on the list, Resorts World Birmingham is a Genting-owned complex that first opened its doors in 2015 after it was under construction for two years.

It’s the largest casino in the UK, and comes with a wide selection of over 200 games, which include baccarat, roulette, slots three card poker, and blackjack. Visitors will also find exclusive VIP private rooms, along with the popular Fahrenheit restaurant.

5. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

Perhaps the most famous casino of all time, the Casino de Monte Carlo offers a unique experience like no other.

Found in the beautiful town of Monaco, this ancient venue boasts over 300 different games, and stands out among the rest for its age, having been first opened in 1863. The casino is not open to citizens of Monaco, but foreign visitors are allowed and welcomed with open arms.