6 Types of Online Slots


The variety of online slots has grown extensively over the last few years.  From the classic 3 reels to the 5 reels and then slots which include special features and then slots with multiple paylines.

Technology is constantly improving and changing and software developers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their games to make them more entertaining.  The most recent slots include 3D slots and iSlots.

1. Classic 3 Reel Slots

3 Reel slots were developed with the original fruit machine in mind.  The 3 reel slot is one of the easiest and simplest slots to play, and much like  online bingo it has no complex rules.  Basically it has 3 columns with 3 reels of symbols.

This is the best way to begin playing slots.  A bet is placed and the reels spin.  If the symbols match a combination on the paytable then the player will win.

2. Video Slots

5 Reel slots or video slots are a bit more complex.  There are 5 reel slots with many paylines that offers many more winning combinations.  The paytables for these types of slots are more complex because of the multiple paylines.

These slots also have extra features that include wild can scatter symbols and many more opportunities for winning.  The bets are usually higher for these slots.

3. 3D Slots

3D Slots are the same as 5 reel slots but the reels are filled with animated symbols and characters in 3D.  Many times these animations include sound and lots of different movements.

Many of the 3D slots will tell a story or be based on a popular movie or TV show.  These are exciting slots and are very popular.

4. iSlots

iSlots are very interactive and players can choose their own storyline by spinning the reels in various ways or by playing a part in the storyline to advance the game.

There are different ways to complete the game and it includes different kinds of bonus rounds.  iSlots are very entertaining and offer challenges.

5. Feature Slots

Feature slots are slots that include extra spins and bonus rounds that players can unlock using wild and scatter symbols.

These are symbols that appear randomly on the reels and give players more of an opportunity to win. The slots have free falls on the reels as well as collapsing stacks to name a few exciting features.

6. Progressive Jackpot Slots

Most slots have some sort of jackpot.  A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases each time a player places a bet and a small percentage goes into a pool.  As the game progresses a player may win the jackpot, which can often be a generous amount.

Once someone has won the jackpot starts from the beginning again.  One of the largest recorded jackpots from a progressive slot was £17 million.

The range of online slots is vast and players will always have a wide variety to choose from with many different ways to win from classic slots to animated 3D slots and slots offering huge progressive jackpots.