5 Slot Machine Myths You Should Know

When it comes to playing slots in a land-based casino player’s may hear “strategies” from other players that they believe really work.  Unfortunately much if not all of these “strategies” are usually wrong.  A few myths that are going around will be outlined in this article.

1. Time of Day

One myth that has been going around for years is that winning on a slot machine is determined by what time of day you play.  This if course a myth.  There is nothing that can possibly control when an increase in payout percentages may occur.

There are even slot “experts” who will say that some days are more profitable than others.  Their reasoning behind this is that payouts are increased during holidays or special occasions.  Real experts will tell you that there is no chance of a player winning more on a particular day, it is completely random.

2. Location of Machine

Some say that the location of the slot also plays a part in how the machine pays out.

Some slot players believe that land-based casinos keep all their best slot machines together in one area, while the slots that offer lower payouts are placed in other areas.

The location of the slot machine does not in any way influence the payout of the machine.

3. Only Playing One Slot

Some players say that by only playing on one slot machine the possibility of winning is increased.

No machine or amount of time a player spends playing at a certain machine can in any way influence how a machine will pay out.

The odds of winning are in no way increased when spending a certain amount of time playing a particular machine, and unlike in online betting, there’s no skill required to play.

4. Lever Increases Chances

Some land-based casinos may still have slot machines with a lever.  Some “experts” maintain pulling a lever instead of pushing a button can increase the chances of a machine paying out.

Pulling a lever or pushing a button does not increase the chance of winning.

5. Fewer Winnings for Club Card Holders

Another common theory doing the rounds is that players who use a club card have less chance of getting a winning combination.  It is said that casinos will let a club card player win less so that they can make up for the other benefits they receive from the casino when using their club card.  Another fact is that the RNG cannot be altered through the casino software.

What it comes down to is that there is no way that a player can improve their chances of winning because slots are controlled by a RNG.  There are however some things a player can control such as what type of slot they play or the bet they make.  Some types of slots do have different odds.  A slot with a fixed jackpot has better odds than a progressive one.  Playing slots using a higher denomination offer a better chance of winning than playing with a lower denomination.