5 Security Protocols Used By Online Casinos

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5 Security Protocols Used By Online Casinos

Let’s talk about the security protocols of reputable online casinos. The unfortunate truth is that not all online casinos have the player’s best interest at heart. It is estimated that approximately 40,000 cyber-crimes happen around the world on a daily basis, and while it’s impossible to say how many of those may be online casino related, these types of crime definitely feature.

It’s for precisely this reason that players are regularly advised to do plenty of research before creating an online casino account. Players should specifically look out for assurances from operators on the following security protocols which point to a fair and secure online casino.

1. Secure Socket Layer Data Encryption

  • Operators will use either 128- or 256-bit SSL encryption
  • SSL encryption turns every piece of personal and financial information provided into strands of unreadable and ubreakable code
  • SSL encryption is the same level of security used by banks
  • Ensuring SSL encryption: look at the address bar of your browser when visiting the online casino website. If it says https:// in front of the website name, it means they have a valid SSL certificate and all information passed through is encrypted

2. Random Number Generators

So you’re looking to play real money blackjack, but how can you be sure that the game isn’t going to be rigged to rip you off and keep you from ever being able to win? This is where Random Number Generator software comes into play – an algorithm used by legitimate online casinos to deal the games and a staple of online casino security protocols the world over.

Casino algorithms don’t need any outside input to function, but instead use a seed number. Both the algorithm and the seed number are unknown, which prevents the code from becoming hackable.

While RNG software should be fool-proof, online casinos also employ 3rd party companies such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) whose sole purpose is to test the efficacy and legitimacy of RNG software.security protocols - online casino RNG certified

3. Privacy Policies

The privacy policy of an online casino is important to note as it will outline precisely how they plan to use the information provided to them by players.

Does the operator plan on selling your information to other companies? Renting it out? Preferably none of the above! The privacy policy will offer this information, but you have to read it to be sure of their intentions.

By sticking with online casinos that promise not to sell or rent your information, you can ensure that your info doesn’t get into the hands of less savoury companies, or those that just want to spam you.

4. Gaming Licenses and Regulations

Online casinos have to go through a rigorous testing process before they can start offering their services to the public, and part of this process is obtaining a gaming license from the relevant authority in the area in which the company is based.

These authorities ensure that the applicant online casino is legitimate and operating above board before the license is issued, and they continue to check on them regularly to ensure that their license is still deserved.

If the online casino at any point fails any of the commission’s tests, they will lose their license and be unable to continue doing business.

5. Casino Terms and Conditions

The final of these security protocols which must be checked before creating an account is the terms and conditions offered. Similar to the privacy policy, the terms and conditions are essentially the rules that everyone has to follow and every possible happening should be covered in this fine print.

For example, what the rules are for welcome bonuses, withdrawal policies, and what happens when a huge jackpot is won. Be sure to read it carefully!